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Folhas Silicone reutilizáveis e anti-aderentes – Sedona


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Use as folhas reutilizáveis e anti-aderentes PTFE da Sedona com o seu desidratador Sedona SD – 9000.

Sedona Silicone Drying Sheets (BPA-free & PTFE-free) provide a natural non-stick surface without the use of non-stick coatings or chemicals. Because they do not rely on a chemical coating, the Sedona Silicone Drying Sheets provide a durable non-stick surface. Even the stickiest of foods release easily with no mess. Designed to be used with the open tray to create a level surface, place one sheet inside the open tray and add your ingredients to the sheet.


3 Folhas


Branco Transparente

14.5 in x 11.73 in (35.7 com x 29.8 cm)

PTFE coated

BPA free
Food safe

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Peso 200 g
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